Student Matinees

Your students will get an exceptional experience viewing professional touring artists with content tailored to their youthful needs.  Student matinees and our supporting materials are designed to help you achieve core curricular goals for your classroom.  Study guides and activities are found on each show tab below.

Student Matinees at the Ellen Eccles Theatre

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How do I reserve seats for my class?

Click the blue “Sign Up Here” link for each show you would like to attend which can be found under each show tab on this page.

Is there a cost to attend?

Yes. CacheArts student matinees are $1/seat.  Payment information will not be collected until one month before the show.

Student matinees of nationally touring performing artists cost CacheArts between $14 and $27 per attending student, so each student’s dollar is matched many times over by funds from generous public and private sponsors.  Discussing the importance of artists in our communities is a great way to approach student contributions in your class.

Do you have funding to help pay for show attendance or busing?

Not at this time.

What if a show I want to attend is full?

You will be notified by email if you have been placed on a waiting list.  Please white list so you don’t miss important emails and final registration instructions.

How do I complete payment and registration?

One month before the event you will receive an email with instructions for completing final registration.  You will need to list your final number of seats and buses and request an invoice at that time.  Any further questions can be directed to 435-554-7065.

Can home schools participate in this program?

Absolutely.  Remember that children under 5 years old are not permitted to attend.

My grade isn’t one of the recommended grades on a matinee I want to attend.  Can we still come?  What if I want to bring my whole school?

Recommended grades are based on best fit with state core curriculum.  Go ahead and fill out a sign-up sheet.  We will put your group on the wait list.  If there is enough space, we may permit your group or school to attend.  We would be happy to discuss your class needs and how we can best help you achieve them.

Where are events located?

Student Matinees will be at the Ellen Eccles Theatre, 43 S. Main Logan, UT.  You will enter through the front entrance on Main Street.

Where can we park?

Bus parking will be coned off on the north side of 100 South between Main and 100 West.  Please follow instructions to keep things running smoothly.  A map of available parking lots for private vehicles can be downloaded HERE.

When: Wednesday, October 12 at 1:00-1:50 PM

Who: Grades 2, 4, 5

Description: Opus Cactus is based on imagery from the Sonoran desert in Arizona, and many of the dances seen in the performance bear names and characteristics of the animals and plants found there.  Momix practices a unique kind of modern dance, with highly acrobatic, fearless dancers;  theatrical costumes and props; improvised movement; and a great sense of play.  Opus Cactus reflects the company’s interest in the natural world, and is strongly influenced by the way animals move and interact in nature.  It also draws inspiration from Native American culture. The result is a menagerie of images using stilts, hammock, rocking structures on wheels, and daredevil dancers.  Momix’s interpretation is more fanciful than the real-life counterparts found in nature, but as you watch the performance, think about how the natural habitat inspired these creations you see on the stage.

MOMIX – Artist Website

Curriculum Connection: Life Science, Creative Movement

Complete the Sign Up Form by September 9, 2016.  Final registration will be emailed one month before the show.

Cost per seat: $1

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When: Monday, March 20 at 10:00 AM

Who: Grades 3-5, Orchestra

Description: A darkened warehouse in Prague. The night shift goes through the motions of another tedious overnight. But all is not what it seems. Slowly, this group of late night laborers breaks out of their mundane routine, shedding their drab existence for a vibrant and glorious explosion of color, humor, movement, silliness, and physical theater. Scratch the surface-who knows what we’ll find? See what happens overnight and join the thousands who have cheered as these characters find joy in the most unlikely of places.

Set to the music of Mozart, Handel, Shostakovich and others, Slapstick Sonata is an absurd yet poetic theater piece without text or words. Visual poetry meets physical comedy with a dash of contemporary circus…and the nightshift will never be the same!

Prague’s Cirk La Putyka is one of Europe’s most pioneering physical theater companies. The collective brings together a multi-talented cast of dancers, actors, mimes, and comedians and has toured throughout Eastern Europe as well as in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Australia.
La Putyka – Artist Website

Curriculum Connections: Music, Physical Theatre

Reservations are FULL for this show, but you may still sign up for the waiting list.

Complete the Sign Up Form by February 6, 2017.  Final registration will be emailed one month before the show.

Cost per seat: $1

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When: Tuesday, April 11 from 1:00-1:45 PM

Who: Grades 2-4, music classes

Description: The dynamic bluegrass quintet from Springfield, MO have selected materials that defies any hillbilly stigmas.  “Our music appeals to anyone that can enjoy a fun performance,” says guitarist Jim Rea.  Their tongue in cheek educational video “How to Be a Hillbender” outlines ten simple steps to achieving their level of greatness: 1-Let the music move you, 2-Tap your foot, 3-Get a plaid shirt, 4-Get a cool hat, 5-Kick it up a notch, 6-Grow a sweet beard, 7-Live in the Moment, 8-Love the fans, 9-Leave it all on the stage, 10-Jump.  Your classes will love experiencing this cool American musical tradition with the Hillbenders.  Students are invited to dress up in paper beards, plaid shirts or any other items that reflect the bluegrass/country style.

The Hillbenders – Artist Website

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Music

Complete the Sign Up Form by March 10, 2017.  Final registration will be emailed one month before the show.

Cost per seat: $1

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